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The weird week one can have in a library…

Okay, I know its been a while and a lot has happened.  I’ve spent time as my alter ego – the pirate librarian – but I’m back (at least for now) with a weird week in a library.

I’m sure all of us have had the “where’s the bathroom”  or “can I get this” question while working the reference desk – regardless of the type of library that we work in.  This week, no non-reference interesting questions, but I did have two “what is going on” moments in the library…

Flashback to Tuesday morning, I am out at the reference desk working on some reference questions and keeping an eye on the few patrons that we have in the area when I hear “you need to keep your legs straight.” Say what?! So I look over and two of our patrons are on the floor doing sit-ups and taking coaching from another patron who is on one of our computers… I kid you not! A colleague walks out and all she can do is give me a look… I mean what do you say to these patrons, I’m sorry this is a fitness free zone?

And then today, in the middle of a conference call (and I was the one talking no less), a tech comes in and just unplugs the phone from the wall! Fortunately the folks I  was conferencing with called back once we plugged back in, but it just makes you shake your head… what must they have thought?  His explanation, he didn’t think about the fact that we were on the call – he set up the room for us!

All I can do is shake my head at what goes on in a library… That being said, I did have quite a few interesting queries from patrons, so all is not lost.

To all of you out there in library land who have had one of those experiences… I’m with you!