Monthly Archives: September 2012

The satisfaction of librarianship

On two straight days, I have had the ability to make my patrons smile and leave happy – and I remember exactly why I went to library school.  To help people and make them smile, by getting them what they need and going above and beyond what they expect.

Today I was able to help one of our international students locate training information to help him succeed in his classes.  He came in looking for two specific things and when he saw that we had even more items (I took him directly to the video case), he was thrilled and spent extra time carefully choosing items to his limit!

Yesterday, really made my day though.  I had a student come in to the library with a topic in mind for his assignment – to give a speech.   It was pretty specific – helicopter use in the Vietnam War.  Now I know that we have an extensive collection that might be able to help, but he was clearly thinking that he would be lucky to leave with one or two books.  By working with him, I was able to run three quick searches and locate two DVDs and seven books that would help him.  He could not say thank you enough as he checked out six of the books and both DVDs.  He also seemed to be astonished that we would be able to come up with that much information that quickly. 

To top off the day, we had a higher up from another building stop by because he need to use a computer to print some documents and couldn’t get access within his own building, so he came to the library! I was able to ask him who had referred him to us – he said that he had done it, he knew that libraries were a good place to find computers and help!

Power to the library staff!