The Final Day–SLA 2011

I realize that this one has been a while coming, but I needed the time to get back into the swing of things after getting home from SLA2011.  So here’s the run down – I went to several outstanding sessions on Wednesday.  The first being the spotlight session with Hyrum Smith of Franklin Covey titled the Power of Perception.  This session was amazing.  Not only is Mr. Smith an outstanding speaker, but he is also very engaging, bringing those that were trying to hide at the back to the front to participate in a variety of activities that will both support research for his book and help those in attendance, both in person and virtually.

The biggest focus of this presentation was on what he called the “belief window” and how it shapes everything that we do.  The most important part of all of this is that we remember that failure is a part of growth.  We are all affected by what we believe, but this can also be changed if we examine what is causing the action – the belief.  It is okay to work with others to attack the belief as long as we are not attacking the person.  If you have access to the virtual conference presentations, I strongly encourage you to check this session out.

I then went to a session on how competitive intelligence professionals can help their sales and marketing personnel.  It was very interesting and detailed, so the best I can do is summarize it.  The suggestions were join different organizations so that you have access to their lists and databases, work together with your sales and marketing teams to develop a two way street, reward those that bring you good intelligence, and make sure that others know the value of the service you are providing.

The final session that I went to prior to the big close was on Mining Public Records.  This was a very good session and the detailed slides are available via the conference website and slideshare  I encourage you to check them out.

The conference ended on a high note with James Kane closing it out – loyalty is about making a connection with the other person or individual.  Then some of our librarians danced us out and had us looking forwards to Chicago 2012!


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