Phillies Phever at the Baseball Caucus! @SLA2011

Tony Landolt and the Baseball Caucus put on yet another memorable session.  As a lifelong Phillies Phan – I’ve had this session on my radar for two years!  Who would they get and would it be a Phillie or ex-Phillie? I even deliberately chose my outfit yesterday, wearing  a red top and sweater – not quite Phillies red, but then that would be hard to do in a more professional environment. That and I left my Phillies hats at home Sad smile.

When  I walked into the room, I turned around to look to see who was there and I see the very familiar face of ESPN analyst and former Phillies centerfielder #6 Doug Glanville.  He of the speedy legs and great smile (yep, that’s what I remember most).  I totally had to get up the courage to ask if he would take this picture with me.  It took three tries, but this one isn’t too bad.


Doug Glanville (@dougglanville) spoke first and wow, is he an amazing speaker. He had us all in stitches remembering what he went through as a player and also some of the work he’s done since.  One of my favorite stories, one posted last week on ESPN’s website, is about what it’s like to be a first round draft pick and the disastrous night he spent with his first spring training.  In addition, he shared the stories of what it is like to work on the Baseball Tonight/Outside the Lines sets.  The folks in the audience had a wide variety of questions for the former player and he happily answered them.  Unfortunately, he was a late addition to the program and had to leave all too soon.  It would have been nice to talk to him or get a copy of his book The Game from where I stand signed.

All was not lost, he was followed by the always a character, member of the 1980 World Champion Phillies – Dickie Noles, the only player to be traded — for himself!  He was the player to be named later in the trade.  Dickie continues to work for the Phillies and had a great story involving Mariano Rivera (NY Yankees) and Dane Sardinha (Phillies).  The stories that Dickie Noles told during the session had us all laughing even harder, especially when he imitated his brother’s southern drawl.  What a great speaker!



The third speaker was actress Nadia Dajani of the “The Big C” and “Caught off base”.  She may have tweeted that these two gentlemen were a tough act to follow, but she did so more than adequately.  She is a baseball nut from the word go – relating to us the story of how she was sure that she was going to marry Ron Guidry of the New York Yankees when she was thirteen.  She had the folks in stitches too.  In an homage to Philadelphia, she shared a Tug McGraw story from one of the Legends games that she had played in. That’s right – she plays hardball, real baseball.


As a special treat, the caucus rewarded Tony for all his work.  Then, yes, there’s more, former Phillies organist Paul Richardson’s wife who was in the audience shared some of her husband’s collection from all his years with the Phillies.  He is the only Phillie to have played in Shibe Park, Veterans Stadium, and Citizens  Bank Park.

After the session, I went up to talk to both Nadia Dajani and Dickie Noles. Yes, I was going up as a fan, but as a member of the Philadelphia Women’s Baseball League I also wanted to talk to Nadia about women playing baseball in the area. While explaining that we have this Labor Day tournament that the Phillies help us out with – here comes Dickie Noles and says that he’s heard something about it! Really blew me away!


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