SLA 2011– Day 1 (or at least the first part of it)

Wow, from history to the future… the Philadelphia Convention Center has it all for the special librarians!  Kudos to all of the tweeters who kept us all up to date on the Leadership Development Institute this morning – it was a great start to the morning.  The conference officially started with a fife and drum leading in one of Philadelphia’s most famous “characters” – Benjamin Franklin!  He promptly tooted his own horn about starting libraries in the United States of America. 

Benjamin Franklin at SLA 2011

Once the ribbon was cut, the librarians headed for the exhibits – and it seems like there were fewer than last year, although it could just be that there are more exhibitors so we were more spread out.

Janet LaChance opens SLA 2011


There were a number of good pitches from the vendors.  I was especially impressed with the use of interactive technology from the Elsevier folks.  Not a plug for Elsevier products, but definitely checkout their interactive quiz competitions if you are stopping by their booth!  Many of the booths are giving away great items, from notebooks and pens to umbrellas!  Given the weather in the region the past couple of days they could come in handy!  Kudos also to the Financial Times for having real (read: soggy, but delicious) Philadelphia soft pretzels.

As I write this, the awards session is starting, but I am already wiped out and looking forward to Karaoke and Games tonight, as well as the Business & Finance Open House.  I hope I will see some of you there.  Thomas Friedman of the New York Times will be speaking at 6, so I cannot go on too much longer.

Finally, I want to encourage all of the attendees to check out some of the great food available in the immediate area and city as a whole!  We have TWO Iron Chefs and numerous James Beard award winners in the city – you really cannot go wrong.

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