Amazing Internet Knowledge…

Wow…. So the middle school I was at today had an anti-bullying assembly.  When the topic of sexting and bullying via text came up, the presenter asked the students how many of them knew how long their internet activity could be viewed – only about a third to  a half of the seventh graders knew that all of that stuff is saved and could be viewed at a later time by the authorities.  Many seemed to know that this was true of Facebook and MySpace though.   The buzz that spread through the auditorium was amazing to me.

It seems that we do not give our children enough guidance when it comes to understanding the permanency of the written word and how it can be found later.  Is this a part of information literacy that we just ignore, or is it something that we should honestly be considering? 

My thoughts are that this is the type of thing that should be taught along with the iSafe or whatever other internet safety programs are being taught in the school.  However, this instruction should continue as a part of general information literacy – we can’t just teach the permanency of internet information once and assume that every student gets it the first time.  This never happens in the school, that’s why teachers are always reviewing old material and showing how it builds into new material!

Just my two cents…


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