ALA Federal Libraries Event 6/25

This event was unlike previous Careers in Federal Libraries events, but went equally as well.  First, they started with the standard panel of current federal information professionals.  The panelists included: Nancy Clark (Veterans Administration), Kathel Dunn (National Library of Medicine), Steven Kerchoff (US Department of State), David Nau (Library of Congress), Beth Maser (LAC), Tiffany Smith (US Department of State), Lynn Stewart (National Archives), Nancy Faget (GPO), Helen Sherman (DTIC) and Angelique Simmons (US Army Europe).  All of these people spoke about what he or she did and even a little about how he or she got started.  It was a very diverse field of experts and inspired many of those present to continue to seek jobs in the Federal government.

Then there were a series of presentations designed to target the current library school student – things on internships, planning events at your school, Presidential Management Fellows, etc.  I have to admit, I did not pay as much attention as perhaps I should have, since I have already graduated and cannot do many of those things.  Alas – there are a few times when I miss graduate school.


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