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Open Gaming Night 6/25 and ALA Day 1

Open gaming night on Friday night was a BLAST!  It was great to see old friends and meet new ones.  It was especially great to see Pauline and the ever wonderful Scott Nicholson!  One of the highlights for the attendees was the Wits and Wagers Game show, moderated by the game’s creator and Scott Nicholson.  Congrats to the winners!

So on to the second day – I had intended to do quite a bit of sessions and not do quite as much stuff in the Exhibits Hall, but the best laid plans…

I started my day with the Games and Gaming Panel, where Scott and Chris presented on the types of things that libraries can do to get into gaming and the resources available to libraries.  Also present was the head of Northstar Games (Wits & Wagers), who had a small presentation as well.   The panel then took some questions from librarians.  Some of the best information was to find your local game store and see if they are willing to help or they know anyone who might be willing to volunteer.

I had intended to go to a 1 o’clock session, but ended up going to meet some mystery authors and others at the booths.  When I looked up and decided to get lunch it was already 1:30.  This lead to some more time spent on the floor and ultimately to a gathering of librarians and information professionals watching the US – Ghana game!  I have to say that the number of people who were gathered around televisions through out the Convention Center was awe inspiring!  Not to mention, you could tell what was going on by the noises that were coming from the hallways.

I did make it to the final session I wanted to go to on what you need to do before you digitize.  This was a good presentation on the technical aspects of digitization and how to set yourself up well.  I have to say though – I was definitely getting text updates on the game from my sister – Thanks Cynthia!  You could still hear the noise every time the doors opened.


ALA Federal Libraries Event 6/25

This event was unlike previous Careers in Federal Libraries events, but went equally as well.  First, they started with the standard panel of current federal information professionals.  The panelists included: Nancy Clark (Veterans Administration), Kathel Dunn (National Library of Medicine), Steven Kerchoff (US Department of State), David Nau (Library of Congress), Beth Maser (LAC), Tiffany Smith (US Department of State), Lynn Stewart (National Archives), Nancy Faget (GPO), Helen Sherman (DTIC) and Angelique Simmons (US Army Europe).  All of these people spoke about what he or she did and even a little about how he or she got started.  It was a very diverse field of experts and inspired many of those present to continue to seek jobs in the Federal government.

Then there were a series of presentations designed to target the current library school student – things on internships, planning events at your school, Presidential Management Fellows, etc.  I have to admit, I did not pay as much attention as perhaps I should have, since I have already graduated and cannot do many of those things.  Alas – there are a few times when I miss graduate school.

Slight Delay

So I know that there are some folks looking for posts on last weekend’s ALA conference.  I apologize for the lack of posting – it will go up over the holiday weekend.  Work got in the way and once I finish my training session and traverse the wild and wooly roads of the Friday of July 4th weekend – I promise I will put them up!