Monthly Archives: May 2010

Playing golf in the library??!!

Kudos to the Saranac Lake (NY) Free Library for their innovative fundraiser last weekend.  I had the pleasure of joining the family of a classmate of mine to play miniature golf inside the library.  The library closed for the day and allowed patrons to play eighteen holes while exploring the library!  The first hole took us right through the staff only offices of the library, a great way for all of us to see what the library is.  From there we moved to a couple of serpentine holes that took us through the fiction and non-fiction stacks.  I have to say that I did not do all that well on these first five or six holes.  Once we exited the stacks we moved onto the audio-visual collection.  One of these holes had a “mini-ramp” created from a book that launched my friends tee shot straight into a shelf of videos – oops!  Once we straightened out the shelf and the hole, we navigated through a series of holes in the reading area including a “jungle hole” where a spider plant insisted on making me take two or three shots just to get around it, while everyone else waited.  Holes 11-14 snaked through the children’s room where ceramic frogs and Eeyore conspired to slow us down.  Once we made it through here, the best hole of the whole day awaited us… the one that all of the patrons were talking about – the stairs!  Yes, to get us downstairs to the community room and the final three holes.  It must be noted that the youth won the day – I think they slaughtered the adults.

Miniature golf was not the only thing on the menu last Saturday (4/24)… no to top off the day, the library offered a 19th hole… hot dogs, chips, sodas and cookies for sale in the Dickert wildlife room…

An excellent idea for raising funds and for getting people to visit new parts of the library.  On top of that, the library is a very beautiful building and the people of Saranac Lake should consider themselves lucky to have such a resource.