What do you do when…

So the other day I am trying to make updates to the catalog during the de-acquisition process and wouldn’t you know it, but the title is not in the catalog.  The book had a barcode and a security patch, so it could have been circulated (if anyone actually wanted to read it), but it was not in the ILS catalog.  This was the weirdest thing…  I think the gremlins may have attacked my computer in the 30 seconds it took me to move from one book to the next.

Even with the common solutions most of us would have though of: rescanning the barcode, entering the title, and other searches for the work – it was still in the deep dark maelstrom that is the library unknown.  I’d heard about this place, but never entered it myself until now.  So what did I do?  I searched the OPAC to see if we even had it listed for the patrons… Nope!  The book, despite the fact that I was holding in my hands in the library office just didn’t exist.

Ultimately, I added the book by hand to the library excess list, but it was kind of weird and because it came from a series that often is cataloged two different ways, I had to double and triple check how I listed the book.  For those of you in library land that don’t know what an excess list is… when government libraries de-acquisition books they often send out the excess list to other libraries to see if anyone else is interested.  It’s an interesting process and I have held books in my hand that were copyrighted anywhere from 1910 to 1997 while doing excess lists…


Best of luck to all my fellow library land job searchers…


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