More updates

So I said I’d update everyone on what I did yesterday – here it is.  The first FAFLRT session I attended had an SU LIS alum as one of the speakers.  She (Cindy Sheffield) and Greta Marlatt were talking about what it takes to set up different types of federal libraries.  There were quite a few really good links… the presentation should be posted on the FAFLRT website in teh next couple of weeks.  The lunch session was a discussion of the round table and various legislative issues.  The first afternoon session was absolutely fantastic – I could not stop taking notes.  it was presented by an FBI librarian, a DEA librarian and an FBI forensic scientist.  The session was packed and we got a really good idea of what these folks do.  While I knew something of what these librarians must do – and I still want to be one of them – I was still amazed by how much they get to do and how much they are relied upon by the scientists in the labs.  The following session was one in which a variety of federal digitization programs and projects.  I was interested in this, but had to leave early to get back to McCormick place to go to ALTAFF’s the Laughs on Us.  While I did not get to stay for Paula Poundstone (at least I got to see her on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Thursday night), many of hte authors who did read were really funny.  I also ran into a voice from my past career at the SU alumni reception – my first as an alum!  I ran into the outgoing school librarian at Kirk Middle School (Newark, DE) – he’s headed to Delcastle Tech in the fall, but that was kind of cool.

Today, Monday, I walked the exhibits in the morning and found one of the most awesome booths – the Sisters in Crimes booth (female mystery writers) had authors signing books all day – for free!  Here’s hoping they have a few more tomorrow, but hey I already have at least seven free books (many of them signed) and one game.  I also was working at the SU booth – I have a picture of one of our staffers with a dinosaur!  let me know if you all want to see it.  After I got off, I walked around a little more and then promptly misread my schedule – missed the session I wanted to go to, went back to the hotel and fell asleep – no Cokie Roberts for me either 😦  Oh well, it’s off to watch Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols rock the Home Run Derby – let’s go Phils!


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