Chicago blast off…

So ALA Annual has started and I apologize for the lack of post yesterday… my schedule didn’t allow it.  I had a really busy day starting at the Harold Washington Library Center, part of Chicago Public Library.  I was there for the FAFLRT Careers in Federal Libraries Event.  We started the day with a presentation from Helen Sherman, who works for DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center), on how to apply for federal positions.  This included an overview of both the employers and the applicants side of the process and included some basic tips.  This presentation was followed by a panel of Federal Information Professionals including Sally Boskin (US Naval Observatory Library), Mary Chute (IMLS), Kathel Dunn (NLM), Steven Kerchoff (Foreign Service, US Dept of State), Deb Schwarz (Library Associates, government contractor), and Lydia Tkaczuk (VA).  These professionals talked about how they got to there positions and what they do.  This was a really helpful session, if mostly because these individuals demonstrated the diversity of federal information professionals.  After lunch we had a resume and interview session with Robert Newlen of the Congressional Research Service – really helpful although I ended up second guessing my interview from the previous day! He is a great resource – he helped me with my resume last fall.  The day wrapped up with information on getting internships and practica from Blane Dessey (DOJ) and hosting a mini career event from Michelle Demeter (Florida State University student).

Once this was over I hit my first conflict of the conference – a FAFLRT session at the same time as a Games and Gaming Meeting – games won out.  During the meeting I got to meet quite a few of the Verizon grant recipients.  After that was the Open Gaming Session – just as much of a success as last year – even if there were a few Wii glitches and a Rock Star problem at the beginning.  It all got ironed out and Scott Nicholson, Jenny Levine, Chris Harris and all the others put on a great event!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone playing again next year.


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