SLA – Days 3 and 4

There were a lot of great sessions going on Monday – too many to choose from.  I ended up picking sessions that I figured would be interesting, while hoping that others would post on the Conference website.  We’ll see if that strategy pays off or not in the long run.  I really recommend that people attend the networking breakfasts and division open houses – you can meet a lot of people that way.

Tuesday was a little more of a dud – the session I really wanted to go to in the morning the speaker no showed (not that I could have blogged it anyway – strict announcement in the program) and the backups were either SRO or duds.  In the afternoon I went to the Baseball Caucus session and Gary Thorne was the speaker.  For those who don’t know who he is – he’s the current TV announcer for the Orioles and he has done a lot of work with the NHL as well.  This was a great session!  I also met a lot of people that I might not have otherwise run into.


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