SLA – Day 2

Sorry that I did not get a chance to actually write this on Sunday – too many activities and too little time.  Anyway, the SLA conference kicked off in earnest today and I spent my first three hours at the INFO-EXPO (otherwise known as the exhibit hall).  It’s very different from the exhibit hall at ALA.  More techie goodies and some better handouts, but no one is giving away any books!  Well, conferences are all about networking so let’s start there.  The famous Washingtonians were there – in cardboard and in person…

Obama Cutout 2 Biden cutout H Clinton Cutout

… and the main attraction of the Opening Session and Awards… Retired General Colin Powell!

General Colin Powell

General Colin Powell

General Powell gave a very entertaining speech about the importance of technology and information, but don’t go looking for him on social networking sites… according to him he leaves that to his children and grandchildren!

I also ran across some faces that were familiar to me: Linda Galloway of Moon Library at SUNY ESF, Jill Hurst-Wahl of Hurst Associates and a Professor at the iSchool at Syracuse University and a former teammate of mine from Carleton College, Deb Rash.  I met a number of new people and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  After the Opening Session, I went to the International Spy Museum.  If you’ve never been there before – you really have to go!  They have exhibits showing all sorts of different spycraft memorabilia and history from countries around the world.  You can also assume a persona and go on a mission… hope your memory is good!

I’ll post on Monday’s sessions later…


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