To Conference or not to Conference

As I get more involved in my studies, I find more and more opportunities to learn more and every conference sounds more interesting than the last – then I remember the one problem that we all seem to be having these days – money!  How can you justify paying a small fortune to go to an out of state conference – even if it is one that you really want to go to?  And then there is the time factor.  As students, we all have our commitments and classwork and for many of us, we even work some – where do we find the time to get away? 

I know there are opportunities for funding, and I think that for the major conferences such as ALA Annual which has Student to Staff, these are great.  However, when all of the fall conferences seem to stack up on each other and you have to find your own funding – who thought up this system anyway?  I really wanted to go to the Games Libraries and Learning Symposium (GLLS) in Chicago, but is the beginning of the week that NYLA starts.  Well, can’t do both and I pretty much have to go to NYLA, so I guess it is more virtual conferencing for me!


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