Monthly Archives: July 2008

What is free speech coming to?

If McCain’s town hall meetings are supposed to be open to the public, then why is a librarian expressing her right to free speech being removed from the area in front of the building?

See the original YouTube posting here and the follow up story on MSNBC’s Coundown with Keith Olbermann here

I am not advocating any political party, but this action by McCain’s personnel seems to go against what this country stands for an was built upon – the rights of the people.  A 61 year old librarian was using her right to free speech, when McCain’s people tell her to leave with her sign which read “McCain = Bush”.  She questions them and the police are summoned and ticket her.

If we lose our right to free speech, what’s next?


Back on the East Coast…

So, I survived the red-eye and then an early morning flight back to Philly.  As I get some time over the weekend and the next week, I hope to put together some reflections on the ALA Annual Conference.  I hope everyone has a very happy Fourth of July!  Enjoy the long weekend.

A day off

No meetings today… so once I check out I plan to spend the day at that great moneysucker Disneyland – I haven’t been in at least 10 years so it will be interesting.  Oh well, at least as an adult I don’t have the gimmes – maybe I can stay under budget – at least as under budget as Disney will let me!

Two days in one…


Monday was jam packed; however, I realize that if a session isn’t doing you any good, you’re better off leaving and finding something else.  I left the session I was at and finally got a chance to wander the rather large exhibit hall.  After that, I went to a very interesting session on E-government and libraries.  The afternoon was spent at the SU booth and getting some freebies, including books, from the various vendors.


I walked the hall again collecting more free books.  We also closed out the day pretty quickly at the booth.  I’m heading to Disneyland tomorrow and then back to the East Coast.  I’ll write more when I get back.