Another interesting day at ALA…

The day started when I nearly got run down by the librarians sprinting, yes I said that correctly, down the aisle in front of the booth as soon as the Exhibits Hall opened at 9.  I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with some of our alumni, one of whom was Valerie Fineman class of ’66.  She was regaling me with stories about learning from Marta Dosa and Anje Lemke.  She also told me that she was working on Loriene Roy’s Capturing Our Stories project, which is collecting the stories of retired librarians.

After my shift, I went to an incredibly interesting session on how the federal government is using Web 2.0 technologies to help them operate.  The speakers came from the Department of State, Library of Congress, CIA, and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA).  The Department of State speakers talked about how they are using blogs and wikis to help share information with their employees around the world.  The Library of Congress employee talked about the Flickr project and also about the government presence in virtual worlds.  Finally, the CIA and NGA personnel spoke about the development and uses of Intellipedia – a combination of tags, blogs, wikis, and other Web 2.0 tools.

The final session that I went to today featured speakers from the Office of the Clerk (US House of Representatives) and one of the Senate librarians.  They spoke about how they support the US Congress by providing information.

The evening wrapped with the Collaborative Library Studies Alumni Reunion at the Disneyland Hotel.  Sue Corieri, Ben Goldman, Aaron Tan, Scott Nicholson, Katie Schisa, Ken Lavender, Kathy Lulofs, and I represented the iSchool.  We had about six to eight alumni show up including recent graduates Kristen Blake and Heather Davidson.



2 responses to “Another interesting day at ALA…

  1. Love the blog! Have fun for the next few days.

  2. Thanks for te care you are taking in putting this blog together. It’s wonderful for us folks stuck in Syracuse to be able to live vicariosly through your blog. Of course, it’d be better in person…alas, keep it up. I hope you are having a wonderful time and making the most of your trip.
    Thanks also for the pictures. I’ m so jealous!

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