A very busy day…

This morning I got up nice and early because I went to a session at 8 and decided to walk to the hotel.  the session was called “Are you Game?”. It was about using games to reach millenial learners.  I thought the session was really good and was disappointed that I had to leave early to go to another meeting.  The second meeting that I went to was the Games and Gaming Member Interest Group.  This is a brand new interest group that was formed during the 2008 Midwinter meeting by Scott Nicholson with some help from some other very active gamers such as Jenny Levine (ALA), Brian Mayer (Genessee Valley BOCES), Christopher H.(sorry, I can’t remember his last name right now), also from Genessee Valley, and some others whose names I did not catch.  This group was largely spent discussing upcoming gaming events, but also setting up the brand new groups steering committee. 

After lunch, I worked at the SU booth in the Exhibits Hall – I got to meet a lot of alums and other people.  I also saw Penelope Klein of CLRC again. 


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