And I thought 22 hours of being awake was long…

So I had a long day yesterday, and when I tried to go to sleep at 9:30 – fireworks went off!  I am right across the street from Disneyland.

Also, the sign in front of the Anaheim Convention Center had a nice little sign.

On to today:

I went to  an absolutely outstanding preconference session on Careers in Federal Libraries.  The panel consisted of many different federal librarians – LC, GAO, Navy, Civilian military, DOD teacher librarian, Foreign Office, and even a contractor.  They told what they did in their careers and then answered questions for the group.  They talked about how to read federal job postings and know more about what they mean.  They also suggested searching both and the individual agency sites.  They also talked about how the skills you may get in another job will help you in a federal library.

In addition to the panel, we also had a professor from LSU speak on the use of internships, practicum, and field experience.  This part of the presentation was not as exciting.  I suspect a large part of this was because her experience is at LSU and the language, etc. differs slightly from what we have at Syracuse.  However, we did learn that FLICC has a wiki with internship postings.

In the afternon we had the ALA Placement Office in to give us an Interviewing 101 class.  It was FANTASTIC!  Vicki Burger led the session and talked about all the stuff that you should do when you go for an interview.  She said that the handouts would soon be posted online, but as of right now I do not have the link.

NMRT’s Conference 101 was a dud after the great session earlier – I was promised a fun overview of what to expect at the conference, but the only fun I got was meeting 3 UCLA library science students, with whom I went out to dinner.  We did do some comparison of courses and apparently they have an Ethics, Diversity, and Change course which they do not like much in its current state.  At dinner I ran into Penelope Klein – the director of the Central NY Library Resources Council (CLRC).  It was really neat to find someone I knew from back in Syracuse!

After dinner, I went to the Open Gaming Night at ALA.  Of course our very own Scott Nicholson was there along with Jenny Levine and a guest appearance by Lorene Roy, president of ALA.  She was there to award the inaugural Presidential Citations for gaming.  There were board games, DDR, RockStar, WiiSports, and MarioKart Wii going on.  There were representatives from gaming companies as well as Verizon (sponsor), and librarians of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels.  I had a blast meeting people and playing games.  Scott also recorded the July episode of the Games in Libraries Podcast tonight.

Librarians at the Open Gaming Night

Yup, that’s our very own Scott Nicholson teaching librarians how to play Wits and Wagers.

 Wow! I’m tired… and I’ll be up again in about 6 or 7 hours.


One response to “And I thought 22 hours of being awake was long…

  1. Looks like Open Gaming Night was fun and successful!
    Games are good learning tools/resources for all ages.

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