An already very long day…

9 am (EDT) – Cincinnati airport (KY)

            The invasion of the librarians has begun.  I am on the only direct flight from Cincinnati to Orange County and I counted at least 3 AECTS bags and 2 ACRL bags on librarians milling around waiting to board the flight.  There have to be at least a dozen librarians on board this flight (probably more as it is a full flight!).  I am sitting on the aisle with three librarians around me and we were discussing how much stuff there is to do at ALA and how are we going to do it all?

            As I look around the seats (somewhere over Middle America), many of the librarians are reading conference materials or books.  I confess – I was reading conference stuff too, until I decided to work on another project that I have on my plate right now.

            As librarians, we have our image.  I was speaking with one gentleman as we were waiting on the walkway and I mentioned that there were probably a lot of librarians. He said something along the lines of: so I guess I’ll see a lot of people reading books.

            Coming from above 36,000 feet over Evansville, IN (the captain just informed us) – I’m getting excited!

12:15 pm (PDT) – Anaheim Convention Center

            I made it and I already have my bright orange goodie bag too!  On the bus to the hotel from the airport I met a librarian from Liverpool (NY) Public Library!  This place is big and my hotel is right across the street from Disneyland and Downtown Disney – it’s a little overwhelming.

            Anyway, I cannot wait for tomorrow and my first real day at the conference.  Rambling along in sunny CA…

The sign at the Anaheim Convention Center to show one and all who is invading Anaheim!

You may not believe it but this is the view of Disneyland from the front of the hotel!  It’s right across the street!


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